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If you are looking to buy any auto dealer supplies then we are the distributers for you. We sell E-Z Line message car bows, flag and pole kits, rearview mirror tags, headrest covers, key tags, year car signs, car stickers, windshield decals, car markers and more. If you want to buy auto dealer supplies for your business then look no further! We have you covered with great deals, great customer service, and most importantly great E-Z Line products.

Duraballoon Light Pole Kit – 4pack

Decorate your parking lot with this 4 pack of Duraballoons, with colors of your choosing. Make your business pop with these balloons grabbing customers attention. The 4-Pack saves you money and delivers maximum visibility. Create multiple levels of balloon action up the pole if desired. This is a great option if theft is prevalent in your area. These balloons are durable and last for months making sure your business gets the attention it deserves.

Duraballoon Weighted Base Cluster Pole Kit

The Cluster Pole Kit with the Weighted Base is a great feature! With this kit you can attract the attention of potential customers. This kit comes with five balloons of your choosing in a variety of vibrant colors. These balloons will continue to draw attention to your store or business because they stay inflated for months and can survive the harshest of weather. They have two weighted bases and can be set on grass or concrete.

Duraballoon Mega Pole Kit With Ground Mount

Our new Mega Balloons are a great addition to your business. They stand tall and are a great eye catcher for pedestrians and possible customers that are passing your business. They come in many different vibrant colors that would be great for any occasion. If your throwing a party at your business, having a sale, or just trying to call more attention to your store front.

Permanent Outdoor Reusable Vinyl Balloons – 5 Cluster Kit With Ground Spike

Have you ever wanted to add some color to your business? With these balloons you can add that pop of color you’ve always wanted. Balloons are the best decoration if your throwing a party and with these bright colors, they will grab the attention of pedestrians. Balloons are great for small storefronts, big car lots, or any size business who wants to make their business look more inviting. http://ow.ly/ojzs30ker57