Custom Feather Flags

Advertising Success With Custom Feather Flags

In the world of business, one of the most important things is to be noticed. To set themselves apart from the competition many businesses are utilizing custom feather flags. They can be designed to capture the eye of any customer. It enables a business to advertise their products or services at outdoor events, beaches, outside their business and more.

Cost Effective
Custom designed feather flags provide a good return on investment. It is different from other types of advertising. Once they are purchased, these flags can be used again and again in various places. They can continue to attract customers long after other types of advertising has expired.

Custom designed feather flags can be used in a number of different businesses. They are popular with everything from restaurants to car dealers, travel agencies, retail locations and more. Many businesses have had success increasing their sales by using these types of custom designed flags. They can even be used to announce that a business is a supporter of local sports organizations and other community activities.

There are companies that hold sales and certain types of promotions at different times of the year. These types of flags are very visible and can easily be used at various times of the year during the peak selling season. Customers who may not see an advertisement for an annual event will realize it is occurring when they see the flags placed outside of a business.

Easy to Use
Enjoying the benefits of these flags can be as simple as putting them onto banner stands. It is very simple to set up. If a company wants to set up at an event, it will find these flags are very easy to transport. They are compact and lightweight. It is possible to transport several in a small packing space.

Custom Design
Should a business want to design their own flag, there are websites that can provide this service. Three websites that do this are,, and Each of these websites provides the visitor with a page where they can design their own flags such as a custom swooper flags or a custom feather flag. Custom swooper flags or customer feather flags will be 2.5 feet x 12 feet. Each custom made flag can be created with submitted artwork. They are double sided, and the material is three times the thickness of stock flags. Once a proof has been approved, the custom flags can be delivered to a customer in approximately ten days.