FeatherFlags.com: Pennants and Sky Dancers For Sale

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Our pennants, streamers and sky dancers all come in a wide array of designs and colors. If you want to buy a metallic fringe pennant, for example, you can choose between attractive colors and color combinations such as blue, gold, blue-gold, red, orange, purple, green-silver, green and much more. If you want to buy a plasticloth pennant, then your options in colors are just as abundant.

The sky dancers we have available for sale at FeatherFlags.com are just as attractive and memorable as our pennants and streamers are. Whether you’re looking to draw attention (and more customers) to a car wash business, a pawn shop, a dining establishment, an auto dealer, an auto repair shop or anything else, our sky dancers can do the trick. We offer an abundance of exciting options in sky dancers, notably dancing guys (18 or 9 feet tall), message tubes (12 feet long) and more. We even have sky dancer blowers available for purchase. If you want to buy a sky dancer that features a sales message that can help promote your business, FeatherFlags.com can make it happen for you, too.

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Custom Feather Flags. Design online in minutes!

FeatherFlags.com is now offering custom double-sided feather flags that can be designed online in minutes.

These feather flags have a vibrant colored background with bold graphics and text. Great for the front of a business or out by the road, they will flutter & flap with a slight breeze.

The easy to install kits come complete with an 11.5 ft flag, a 15ft flagpole, a carrying-case, and a mounting base of your choice. It can be set-up quickly in under 5 minutes.

This flag measures approximately 2.5 feet wide by 11.5 feet tall. When installed on the flagpole it is nearly 15 feet tall.

This heavy-duty flag is double-sided, meaning that it is actually 2 flags sewn back-to-back. It is 3-times the thickness of our standard feather flags and the message will read correctly from both sides. There is a blackout material sewn in-between the flags.

Our custom feather flags are also available in single-sided for our budget-conscious customers.

In addition we also offer custom swooper flags and custom teardrop flags.

For pricing or to place an order, please go to our custom flag page HERE

FeatherFlags.com is the leader in custom feather flags.